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Anti-Counterfeit Policy


A new way to stop counterfeiting and to guarantee the value of your wines.

In the last few years, the wine and spirits sector has been one of the favourite targets of fraudsters. Counterfeiting, refilling of authentic bottles and parallel markets are recurrent problems. It exists particularly in markets such as China where wine knowledge is nascent. At Sarment we are heavily invested against fraudulent wines and counterfeiting.

The New Sarment Tag™ is a unique device that protects the consumer from fraud or counterfeits. You will be able to completely trust a bottle from Sarment as we guarantee its originality with the New Sarment Tag™. Every Sarment bottle is sealed with the New Sarment Tag™ prior to entering China and can therefore not be tampered with or refilled. You only get the original product if it has the New Sarment Tag™.

This certification solution gives visible evidence of authenticity and integrity, which any person in possession of a bottle can check, before purchase or consumption.

The New Sarment Tag™, is made of a destructible film which reveals attempts to open the bottle. To verify the authenticity of bottle content, it is recommended that one checks the integrity of the seal. It will show signs of tampering if anyone tries to remove it from the bottle, and any alteration of the colour background will also appear as evidence of tampering.

For wine you trust, trust only the New Sarment Tag™.